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Tech Email #5: Simple Yet Confusing

mail box is looping again please empty it out thank you.

Tech Email #4: Too Much To List

Hello, Beginning early last year it became almost impossible for me to get connected by my ISDN service, and if I did I could almost never access the mail server. And when trying to connect I often lost my telephone connection (the red light comes on BitSurfr Pro), though it would reset in about normal …

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Tech Email #3: Credit Card Insecurity

To [omitted]. Thank you for all your help. Just one thing, while I was reading my mail athing came on the screen and said that my security may have been breached, Is it safe for me to send a credit card number?? Thank you. [omitted]

Tech Email #2: The Internet is a Jew’s Paradise

I would like to be disconnected from the Internet and I would like the telephone number, [omitted], disconnected as well. I am tired of receiving junk over email. I sent a message to everyone I communicate with to stop sending me junk. Today I found 207,000 bytes of junk (including your monthly newsletter) on my …

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Tech Email #1: Lightning? Nah!

My name is [omitted] and I have recently come across a new problem with my internet connections. I have no problem with turning on my computer. My problem is when I want to use my internet explorer. This happened right before a heavy lightning storm this afternoon. I was online just before it until I …

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