April 13, 2002 archive

Tech Email: #10: Kids and Netscape

Please help my son worked on my computer and changed the netscape. It lost all my settings to access my mail box. the old setting that I have are mail server [IP address] same for POP3 and SMTP I need to know how to reset my access to my mail box. what is the pop3 …

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Tech Email #9: Just Email Me a Copy of Windows. Thanks!

I am having a lot of trouble staying on-line. Something about a 60 sec. delay with server. What can I do ? Also can you e–mail the windows 98 installation . I was give M.E. thank you K. P.

Tech Email #8: Your Service Sucks but Jesus Rules!

If you are going to charge us 19.95 a month than we ought to be able to get reliable service. It’s not like we have another choice for phone service or Internet service (unless we want to pay a huge long distance bill) As it is you won’t cut our rate even though we have …

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Tech Email #7: Can I See Your Work?