Tech Email #4: Too Much To List

Hello, Beginning early last year it became almost impossible for me to get connected by my ISDN service, and if I did I could almost never access the mail server. And when trying to connect I often lost my telephone connection (the red light comes on BitSurfr Pro), though it would reset in about normal time. I tried to get service by e-mail from you and never received an answer, and the only personal telephone answer I got was that my rural connection [omitted] might just be unstable because of the relay between me and [omitted] “Office”. But no promise of improvement was even ventured when I asked. I entered such negative comments on a survey you ran last year that I got a call from [omitted] and some very helpful suggestions, even though one was to use the NETBUI protocol which Symantec, Gibson, and other security services strongly advised me to eliminate in favor of the normal TCP. BUT, I tried all of [omitted] suggestions for most of last year and there was NO IMPROVEMENT! Then I started trying out patterns for access and mail receipt via ISDN and discovered usage patterns–for example, after about 11 PM and up to 7 AM there was often no problem! And I could ALWAYS log on properly by using one line on my analog modem and the other phone line was always functional. Therefore, I, and some independent advisors, agree that my problem was just inadequate service [from your] service. NOW, late last year, I think about late November, but not sure, I suddenly had perfect ISDN service and mail access. All I can say is that I noted your service people at that time putting up a set of larger above-ground white equipment boxes on the newly paved road from [omitted] to [omitted]. Unfortunately, I now have a new problem for the last few weeks. I can always quickly connect by ISDN, but disconnections now ALWAYS occur, even though I auto-redial several times. I can sometimes get one web page, for example [omitted] or even any of [your] pages, and then disconnection! I can not use MS Messenger because of disconnections, and though I can connect to the mail service, it often disconnects during downloading. And as before, one of those disconnections sometimes completely disconnects my lines although they eventually re-establish automatically. BUT, every time that happens I have to open Hyper-Terminal and reset date and time to BitSurfr Pro, or my caller ID (which I have to pay extra for!) does not register the proper time. I appreciate much of the influence of [your] many services to our communities, and there is no question putting fiber-optic lines, digital service and Internet access where I live was pretty unusual. I can only ask that you evaluate my problem and try to solve it. Somehow, it was solved for several weeks but now there is a different and destructive problem. Thank you for your attention, [omitted]

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