Tech Email #8: Your Service Sucks but Jesus Rules!

If you are going to charge us 19.95 a month than we ought to be able to get reliable service. It’s not like we have another choice for phone service or Internet service (unless we want to pay a huge long distance bill) As it is you won’t cut our rate even though we have to pay twice, once to msn and once to you all for internet access (For $20 dollars a month with MSN we get 9 e-mail accts, not just one). Even [omitted] will give their customers who use other service providers such as AOL or MSN a break so that they don’t have to pay long distance charges or $40 a month.

We are constantly knocked off line or getting busy signals when trying to log on! Last weekend we couldn’t even get on the internet, all weekend long, because of your equipment malfunctioning! It seems to me that you either need to add another phone number or maintain your equipment better. We are paying for unlimited internet usage, but if we can’t get on half the time, or get knocked off line the other half of the time than you should charge us accordingly! We have lived in many different places and had many different phone companies, but you all are the first that I’ve ever seen who change your policies, plans, and prices with out notifying us of the changes (ie: community calling plan went from 500 minutes for $16 to 300 minutes for $19 a month.

You’ll notice that the only services we now have with you are local calling and the associated features, and Internet Service, that is because of the way you all handle business. Eventually you will have competition and if you want to keep the customers you have then you need to offer good service at reasonable rates! As you are the only choice for local phone service, you have us over a barrel but that is no excuse for poor service, or even poorer customer relations. I would appreciate a response to this message.

Sincerely, [omitted]

Jesus Rules!

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