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July 2002 archive

Tech Email #14: Amazing Technology

I’m wondering if you can make any suggestions—After opening one to three web pages I find I must use the refresh button. Then, the same thing after a few pages. It certainly takes the fun out of web browsing. Any suggestions would be appreciated. My computer is a gateway 1300 with a Pentium 4 -thirteen …

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Tech Email #13: Ignorance is…Evident

I hope availability to internet improves as I am about to look for new provider. How many times you have to try, -try again, & try again! Then without any warning you just stop. Pls tell me how many hours per week I use your service.

Tech Email #12: I Just Like This One

Yeah, I have a problem, I had to get up at 4:50 this morning in order to get on the internet so I can download msn 6, (as advised by your service rep [omitted]) because I couldnt get on the internet, as usual, yesterday evening about 8:25 pm. Its nothing unusual you understand, happens all …

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Tech Email #11: M’Laddie Reckons Himself a Poet

Have a few problems ….and the creek doesn’t rise. Am planning to visit you Monday. That is if Mail Delivery condescends to honor my request, or even accidentally do something right for a change.. seeing as they can’t even find themselves now, I can only hope. HC PS: Have made copies of some nonsense that …

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