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Tech Email #12: I Just Like This One

Yeah, I have a problem, I had to get up at 4:50 this morning in order to get on the internet so I can download msn 6, (as advised by your service rep [omitted]) because I couldnt get on the internet, as usual, yesterday evening about 8:25 pm. Its nothing unusual you understand, happens all the time, it may work ok for a few days, I can get e-mail, the internet, no problem, then it goes to hell in a hand basket and E-mail cant “find the server” and my web page “cannot be shown at this time”.

I have sent you guys e-mails and talked many times to [omitted] and even [omitted] about this problem, always in the evening, and both of them say there is nothing wrong with my equipment or their equipment, but there is something wrong somewhere, [Your company] tells me that they have plenty of modoms or whatever eqiupment they need to handle the traffic on [your domain] but I dont believe it anymore, other wise why is it that the it always starts having this trouble in the evening as soon as the kids get out of school?.

So I have to get up an hour early so I can use my PC to do what you advise in this newsletter, download norton after I download msn 6. But thats ok, wait until you get my bill this month, Im doing what I promised to do when I signed up with [you] for computer service, im paying the bill, [you are] not holding up [your] side of the contract by provideing me with the service I was promised. Therefore I am pro-rating the bill, and maby if I tell my attorney to start a breech of contract suit, I will get somebodys attention long enough to see what is wrong.


M. B.

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