April 2008 archive

Sling It Like Slingbox

Someone mentioned the Slingbox technology to me a while ago, but I never got around to checking it out. Recently, a couple of online retailers put the Slingbox Pro units on sale and I picked one up. I didn’t even bother checking out the Web site to see what the units could do, I just …

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Seth MacFarlane Solved My Crossword Puzzle

An anecdote to demonstrate two things: 1) The human brain works in mysterious ways, and 2) sometimes Family Guy isn’t as dangerous as it appears. So we’re in Joplin, Missouri the other night, out and about to get a bite to eat, cruise the town a little bit and discover just how dark and dyspeptic …

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Random Acts of Kindness Violence

Once upon a time I could leave my house, go out to a restaurant or a movie, and find the experience moderately rewarding. This isn’t to say that there is something wrong with the service industry or the movie industry today, per se, although both of those could be topics for posts unrelated to this …

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