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Supreme Beings Grok Semantics

I popped open the mailbox today and stuffed in between a couple of circulars and the gas bill was an open letter from Gordon Winrod. I took a little time to brush up on the man, and then spent about five minutes reading his treatise. The general idea was evident right from the start, but I read the rest of it anyway. Now I wish I had my five minutes back.

Before I started reading, I figured I’d have some good fodder for a blog post about all the irrational, ugly, maniacal, hate-filled things he said. But the further in I got, the more I realized there would be no way to quote anything from the document. Not because I’m afraid of the things in it, or because I worry what others might think of the vitriol, but really because nothing in the paper is worthy of reprinting, in any context whatsoever.

The upshot is that Winrod is being accused of being anti-Semitic, and he claims he is not. Then he spends five very tightly packed pages explaining that when he says he’s not anti-Semitic, he really means he’s anti-Jew, and that Jews are not Semites, but they are all child molesters. Not just a few of them, ALL of them. So says the Talmud. [Insert examples from scripture and other sources ad nauseum here.]

I personally am a huge proponent of free speech, so I guess I can’t fault Winrod for using it. However, I’m pretty sure any putative omniscients can see through a bluster of semantics. I don’t wish to lower myself to his level and pass judgment, but I do hope his Lutheran beliefs include a hell for the truly evil full of fire and torture, and that sociopathic bigots like him get what they deserve.

Oh, it turns out there is one part of the paper worth mentioning. It’s at the bottom of the last page. It reads: “THE WINROD LETTER, published monthly. Subscription: $15.00 per year. 50 copies of this issue: $10.00 p.p. The Winrod Letter…” Either there’s a market for this sludge, or his gall simply knows no bounds. In either case, color me appalled.


    • Steph on January 14, 2011 at 8:44 am
    • Reply

    Can’t believe he’s still putting out that letter. I remember getting those in the 1990s….He must be in his 80s and isn’t he in Prison? Did a search on him and found your blog…but yeh free speech and all…I guess if we don’t like it we should move to a country where they don’t have it. But He and people like him have gone to be a little off in the head…

    • Shannon on December 14, 2011 at 10:11 pm
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    Haha, I just have to reply to this. I am a grandaughter–though I don’t claim it–of Gordon. I have just been doing some research on the whole crazy business because I was only 8 when all the kidnapping and other interesting (to say the least) stuff was going on. I’m happy to see some people found this letter a total wast of trees and it should have been used as toilet paper. Anyway, funny to see the only thing worth repeating was the noted price. It was all I got a kick out of also. Thanks for posting!


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