The Room (2003)

The Room (2003)

0.5 / 5 stars      

So how to review this mess of a film, which should have ended up entirely on the cutting room floor? Let’s start with the fact that the movie gets a half-star rating simply because it does have some merit. It merits a serious lampooning, which is exactly how my fiancee and I watched it. We were both inebriated and I wanted her to see the first few minutes of the movie just so I could prove to her how bad it is. A couple more drinks, however, and we managed to make it through the entire miserable affair.

It turns out that this movie is so easy to make fun of, it’s become a cult classic. Anyone can be made to feel like a Tom Servo or a Crow T. Robot in front of the misery that is The Room.

By all accounts, director (actor, editor, producer, etc, etc, etc) Tommy Wiseau was trying to make a serious film. What he ended up with is a ridiculous reel of celluloid filled with some of the most atrocious acting imaginable, recycled sex scenes, plot holes the size of blue whales and a flower shop scene that makes high school musicals look like they belong at Carnegie Hall.

Amidst all this, the movie is a lot of fun to watch–assuming that you’re drunk, very high or in a coma. I don’t remember when this movie was released in 2003, so I don’t remember what kind of advertising was done or if it was even released to a wide audience. That it made it to theaters at all is a miracle and for that we should be thankful: We now have a movie that Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966) can call brother.

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