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Category: Humor

Seth MacFarlane Solved My Crossword Puzzle

An anecdote to demonstrate two things: 1) The human brain works in mysterious ways, and 2) sometimes Family Guy isn’t as dangerous as it appears. So we’re in Joplin, Missouri the other night, out and about to get a bite to eat, cruise the town a little bit and discover just how dark and dyspeptic …

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Tech Email #15: I’ll Have What She’s Having

i cannot get anything to come up. It is always said cannot display this page. First time it is happened to me. I tried to connect several times but did not happen . i waited to contact you my server before i lodged a complaint. are you down to maintance . i checked your newsletters …

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Tech Email #14: Amazing Technology

I’m wondering if you can make any suggestions—After opening one to three web pages I find I must use the refresh button. Then, the same thing after a few pages. It certainly takes the fun out of web browsing. Any suggestions would be appreciated. My computer is a gateway 1300 with a Pentium 4 -thirteen …

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Tech Email #13: Ignorance is…Evident

I hope availability to internet improves as I am about to look for new provider. How many times you have to try, -try again, & try again! Then without any warning you just stop. Pls tell me how many hours per week I use your service.

Tech Email #12: I Just Like This One

Yeah, I have a problem, I had to get up at 4:50 this morning in order to get on the internet so I can download msn 6, (as advised by your service rep [omitted]) because I couldnt get on the internet, as usual, yesterday evening about 8:25 pm. Its nothing unusual you understand, happens all …

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