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Category: Personal Observations

Presidents and Poppy Seeds

The U.S. election day for 2012 has come and gone. This is the first election since my eligibility to vote where I was not able to select one of the two major party candidates to vote for. I wrote in my choice. Many will consider that a vote wasted in a system where the Republicans …

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Sometimes Bad is Bad

And tonight, the weather is what’s bad. And a lot of times, that’s just the way I like it. We’re about to be hit with what looks like a very long line of strong thunderstorms. I can’t wait. In the meantime, the wind is up and it is literally howling. I like it when the …

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A Humble Request (and Joe Pesci, too)

I’m wondering why it seems that Christians, brand name doesn’t seem to matter, have a way of injecting their religious faith in everything they do. I get it ten times a day more: In e-mails, in passing conversation, overheard at the checkout line, and so on. While I have no problem with folks having faith …

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Supreme Beings Grok Semantics

I popped open the mailbox today and stuffed in between a couple of circulars and the gas bill was an open letter from Gordon Winrod. I took a little time to brush up on the man, and then spent about five minutes reading his treatise. The general idea was evident right from the start, but …

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10 Things I Like About the Visible Universe

I’m not sure why I was waxing nostalgic about our planet last night, but it occurs to me that there are some pretty cool things about life, the universe and our little rock, third out from a mediocre star. In some semblance of order, here are 10 things that move me: 10. Gazing down the …

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