Tech Email #2: The Internet is a Jew’s Paradise

I would like to be disconnected from the Internet and I would like the telephone number, [omitted], disconnected as well. I am tired of receiving junk over email. I sent a message to everyone I communicate with to stop sending me junk. Today I found 207,000 bytes of junk (including your monthly newsletter) on my computer. I erased all of these items without reading them, including the two items which were duplicated. I get a lot of duplicates. I find the Internet annoying, as well. It is nothing but a Jew’s Paradise with contemptible advertisements; close one ad out and three ads pop up and have to be closed out as well. In any case, I want the Internet disconnected and I want my [omitted] line to my computer disconnected. Do not disconnect my regular telephone line [omitted]. Thank you. [omitted]

Tech Email #1: Lightning? Nah!

My name is [omitted] and I have recently come across a new problem with my internet connections. I have no problem with turning on my computer. My problem is when I want to use my internet explorer. This happened right before a heavy lightning storm this afternoon. I was online just before it until I heard the thunder getting close. I then turned my computer until the storm had passed. Now, at 6:00 p.m. I tried to go online to resume my former tasks when the only page that will ring up on my computer is “this page cannot be found”. I tried to refresh and followed all of the steps that this particular page had described. The last thing that it can tell me is to reset my browser. I was told that it could be bad. I went to my neighbor’s house and he has no problem getting on his explorer. I am still receiving mp3 downloads from my “queue” list at So I know that I am connected, I just can’t get out. Please help mewith some advice that will help me restore my computer to where it was before the storm. Thank you for the time that you took in reading my little plea. [omitted]